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Tri-Spark Electronic Ignition Magneto Replacement Kit


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Magneto Replacement Kit, 12 Volt, Electronic Ignition for Triumph Pre-units or Similar Motorcycles Using 3 Bolt Flange, Made in Australia by Tri-Spark


  • Dual Lead 12 Volt Coil x 1
  • NGK Resistor Spark Plug Caps x 2
  • Alloy Magneto Replacement Housing x 1
  • Classic Twin Ignition Module Kit with Rotor and Instructions x 1

( Alt # MRK-0001 )

*Note: Please call for 6 volt version*

Out of stock

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Bring your classic motorbike back to life with a new electronic ignition!  This advanced ignition system is designed to replace the ageing and unreliable magneto on your classic motorbike, offering improved performance and reliability.  With its set and forget design, the electronic ignition is a hassle-free upgrade that can be easily installed without the need for complicated wiring or adjustment.

Enjoy the benefits of modern technology without sacrificing the vintage look and feel of your classic motorbike.  The electronic ignition provides faster starting, smoother engine operation and improved throttle response, making a more enjoyable and reliable riding experience.  Say goodbye to weak spark and misfires and enjoy a consistent and smooth ride every time.

  • Fully digital – Extreme spark stability – LED static timing indicator
  • No springs or weights – Electronic spark advance – 12 volt operation
  • Completely eliminates the magneto
  • Easy starting without kickback
  • No black box
  • Race proven
  • Idle stabilization
  • The electronics are made in Australia

Suitable for:

  • 3 bolt flange applications – Lucas Magneto K2F, K1F, KVF
  • BSA A7, A10, Norton Atlas (some), Norton Dominator, pre unit Triumph Twins and others.  Check with us for compatibility.


Not included:

  • Solid drive gear (no springs and weights)

Recommended for the best possible results:

  •  A 12-volt 4 Ahr or larger battery is required

You can set the timing statically using the built-in LED on the module – it simply requires that you accurately position the engine at the fully advanced crank position for the setup procedure.

Upgrade to the electronic ignition today and experience the benefits of modern technology on your classic motorbike!

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