Top notch people to deal with. Friendly, sincere, knowledgeable, fun to be around guys and gals. I bought an American and it was the most bang for the buck, similar to Harley Sporty in size. I’m a huge guy. I looked like a circus bear that they show riding a tricycle. It wasn’t long I was on a 2013 ABS Thunderbird in blue/marble haze for much less than Fatboy, RoadKing or ElectaGlides I have had in the past. In order to trade up they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Not only was the ride awesome, it didn’t have the Harley “clunk” when you put it in gear. I don’t have to dump thousands to personalize it like a “cookie cutter styling” you get from Harley. The MPG is 1/3 better for 1/3 less price tag. If I forgot and hit the front break to hard, the forgiving ABS applies the rear brake for me.(an extra $1k for brand X) If I forget and leave the kick stand down. No big deal, It won’t let me start it. If I were to kick the bucket tomorrow, it would take the undertaker two weeks to get the smile off my face. I rode just about every bike that was ever made since 1964 and the new T-Bird must have been made by a Swiss watch maker. It is just that tight! No spokes to worry about keeping tight either. It has what looks like $2k in after market wheels and chrome standard.. And the good folks at Baxter Cycle added some creature comforts to accommodate my handicapped left foot and right elbow problems. Their concern to help me get back into a sport I truly believe has given me a natural incentive to stay active and rehab my fused back full of screws and rods. I still feel I owe them a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to describe in words. They modified the bars with risers, the shift lever positioning, and back rest positioning in a very light weight but powerful machine that just looks fast sitting still. If you want to toss the pain pills, put on your back brace, toss the cane and head to exit 51 off I-80 and couple miles south to Marne, Iowa and see my newly adopted family for some real therapy.


I needed new brake pads for my ’07 Bonneville. My local authorized dealers were both out of stock and had to order into the following week. I called you guys at 4:15 in the afternoon. You had the parts waiting on my doorstep the following day and me back on the road the day after that. Who could expect a better experience? Thanks Baxter!


Thanks Chris parts very good. Service great know how hard it is to find my parts thanks for your hard work. Love the shirt also.

John Martin

Thank you so much! Love our new Thunderbird, price was great and the bike is much much more than we expected!!

John & Pat

I wish to report good results with the Caswell tank liner kit. I cleaned my Thunderbolt’s tank by soaking with lye drain cleaner for a couple weeks, then using a handful of old bolts and screws to remove loose rust. This process revealed a pinhole leak in a seam. After rinsing twice with Heet to remove any remaining water and allowing it to dry, I plugged the fuel-tap holes with grease-coated pipe plugs (so the liner wouldn’t adhere to them or the tank threads), and tightly capped the filler neck with an old, junk gas cap. I then applied the liner according to directions. It was easy to mix and use (if a bit messy) and produced a very good, uniform inner coating. At an ambient temperature of 75 degrees with moderate humidity in my basement workshop, I had more than enough time to rotate the tank in all directions and get an even result. I had no problems with spillage and the outside of the tank remained clean; I didn’t feel a need to wrap the tank in cling wrap and foil. After about three hours the product was almost fully cured but still workable and I was then able to use a utility knife to trim the excess from the neck where I had upended the tank to drain. The resulting coating is hard and clear with a professional appearance. I heartily recommend the product!
Baxter provides first-rate products across the board.

Jim Schaible

As a shop that repairs and restores classic British motorcycles I have used Baxter extensively for parts and for advice over the last few years. Their part selection is an outstanding asset and the service I have received from Rick, Jeremy, Dan and Lori has been outstanding as well. I highly recommend them to any one who loves and works on the British marques.

Joseph Collins

Thanks for squeezing me in for front wheel work last week on my 79 Bonneville. I am nearly complete with my restoration work and appreciate the service, parts availability, and friendly staff. Thanks!

Tony Martin

Every time I have dealt with Randy and associates has been a pleasure, from purchasing a Hurricane to scrounging parts for a ’68 Firebird Scrambler. If you can’t find it anywhere else, Baxter will have it – save yourself a lot of phone calls and just call them first. First class operation, but where the hell is Marne, IA!!!


Randy and staff have always provided the best Customer Care I have ever experienced at a motorcycle shop during my 50 years of riding. I am now semi-retired and finally finishing the restoration of my 1967 Triumph Bonneville. Baxter’s experience is first rate and I will now rely on Randy’s expertise and advice to fire up my Bonnie. Wish I lived closer to Marne!!


The lengths that Randy and his sales staff go to accommodate customer requests and proposals are outstanding. Baxter Cycle is a top notch dealership and I will certainly be going back, they’ve earned by business. I’m real happy with every aspect of my new Thunderbird.


Baxter Cycle blends a deep understanding of the classic British marques with total enthusiasm for the modern Triumphs. That’s a rare combination that really pays off for customers like me who love (and own) the old and new machines. I live in Michigan and Randy made me a deal on a new Bonnie that was fantastic–he even delivered it right to my door, fitted with all the accessories I ordered, and spotlessly clean. The world needs more bike shops like Baxter Cycle!

Lindsay Brooke

I have been collecting British Bikes for about 25 years. I have purchased and sold bikes through Randy Baxter. His service has be excellent; he and his associates are honest, fair, and straight forward. I now purchase all of my parts through Baxter cycle.


I took my 1959 Triumph Tiger Cub T20s to Baxter cycle this summer. I had not started it since 1967,so it had a lot of electrical and mechanical problems. When I got home I took it for a ride, It ran better than when I bought it in 1966.So thanks to everybody at Baxter cycle for a great job, I was really pleased. Thanks again.


Brought a great bike ( 1970 Bonneville 650 ) back to its homeland first class service and bike arrived safely. It is always a pleasure to deal with Baxter’s.


I have know Randy for many years, way back to when he was a Guzzi dealer too. Bought two Guzzi’s from him back in the day. Now I ride a 03 America and Randy and his crew are the best for getting work done right the first time. Any time you stop in the shop the crew is always ready to answer questions or just shoo the bull. The added plus is wandering around the back rooms of the shop and checking out the vintage British iron. After many years, I would count Randy as a friend and that goes for all the crew at Baxter’s.


Best purchase experience I have ever encountered. Jeremy was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and actually appreciated my business. I drove from Stephenville, Texas to Marne, Iowa and back (1,708 miles) round trip to purchase my beautiful new 2014 Bonneville. I strongly recommend Baxter Cycle in general and Jeremy in particular to anyone looking for a really great place to do business. Thanks again.


Attended the August Open House once again with my husband. Can’t express enough what a “class act” everyone at Baxter cycles and the service is!! I thoroughly enjoy myself every time I come and look forward to it each year–even our dog, Toby,enjoys coming as well and wears his Baxter Cycle patch with pride on his “hoodie”!


I’ve been working with the staff at Baxter’s for a few years now and have always had a good experience with them. You can’t find a better selection of old and new Triumphs anywhere. The shop staff has always been pros and are very knowledgeable about what they do. Randy and the crew are the best at what they do, period. Baxter Cycle is a little slice of Brit Bike Heaven in the middle of Iowas corn fields!


I recently purchased a new Triumph Tiger from Baxter Cycle, I stopped in four or five times before I finally decided to buy the bike and really appreciated that I never felt hurried or pressured to purchase something from them. I have called Tyler and Chris with ” novice ” questions about the bike and have always received a immediate friendly answer, even though they are busy with something else. The entire staff are great to deal with and really know their stuff. Oh yeah the TIGER IS A GREAT BIKE..


In 2007 bought an America and then in 2011 bought a 2010 Thunderbird after dealing with Randy and all the staff I would never buy another bike anywhere else the whole experience was wonderful and i am sure i am not done buying.. if you haven’t been there give them a chance you won’t be disappointed!


I recently purchased a new Triumph Tiger from Baxter Cycle, I stopped in four or five times before I finally decided to buy the bike and really appreciated that I never felt hurried or pressured to purchase something from them. I have called Tyler and Chris with ” novice ” questions about the bike and have always received a immediate friendly answer, even though they are busy with something else. The entire staff are great to deal with and really know their stuff. Oh yeah the TIGER IS A GREAT BIKE..


After researching the new 2011 Triumph Speedmaster I had to go see one. After trying in vain to communicate with a larger dealer, I decided to take a day and drive the extra two hours to Baxter Cycle in Marne. I was so happy I did. While they did not have one for sale, they had one in service that I could look at. It was the saleswoman, Lori, and the rest of the friendly staff that made me order one the very next day over the Harley I was looking at as well. The people there are extremely nice and willing to go the extra mile for the customer, really making them stand out from the other larger dealers I have experience with. I love my new Triumph, and I will be back for any Brit bike I buy in the future. Thanks Baxter Cycle for going that extra step for me.


Jeremy, Randy and Chris really helped me get onto my new bike with no hassles at all. They let me test drive the bike first(although I stalled it the first time, I was so nervous), and of course, I was hooked. I got a great deal and awesome customer service. All in all, Baxter Cycle made it easy for me to fall in love with a bike, and to make that bike mine. Thanks to you all!


Helpful and friendly staff. Had the part I needed and found it quickly. And really enjoyed looking at all of the cycles.


I have way to many old Brit bikes and Randy and Pam keep them running and me from going crazy. I live an hour away so parts runs are frequent. They always have what I need and are free with advice and info.


I’ve bought a lot of new bikes over the past 40 years and have never had a bad experience with any of the dealerships I purchased from. I can honestly say that my experience with Baxter’s has been, by far, the best of any to date. The whole crew @ Baxter’s has treated me not just as a customer but more like a friend. Their knowledge, friendliness, honesty & integrity are second to none and it’s been a pleasure dealing with them. Many thanks to Randy, Jeremy, Laurie, and of course Mike, for making this purchase a real pleasure. I look forward to doing business with you for many more years.


Ordered parts for my 1978 Bonneville yesterday & they came today. What took so long? Great job!!

Steve Tate

I always enjoy visiting your shop when I am in Iowa….best shop west of the Mississippi.


Baxter Cycles is the only place I will ever go for service on my Triumph, I have been to Chicago, Des Moines, you name it but without a doubt the only place I have received real customer service was here. I brought my bike in for Warranty work, in past experiences this is something dealers hate to do, not only did they complete the work but they inspected my bike and made me aware of a few things I should work on or have worked on. If I ever need advice on a part or tuning related questions the are my first phone call. I look forward to continuing business with them in the future and I recommend them to anyone and everyone.


I’m just about at my wits end with these Baxter People. For the last four years I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this group of misfits and after hundreds of emails, endless parts orders, phone calls, deliveries and purchasing four vintage British motorcycles, I’m still no closer to figuring out what these characters are up to. Randy Baxter and Jeremy Pendergast are masters of illusion. They think they have me completely convinced that good humor, excellent service before the sale and terrific follow up after the sale are a great way to run a business, but I have news for them – after I build a bigger garage to hold more bikes and assuming my, at this writing, very understanding wife doesn’t leave me – I plan on continuing to do business with these guys until I find out their scam. Maybe I need a Special Congressional Investigation.
For those who want to join this ‘Witch Hunt’ – don’t try cryptic email messages, incomplete parts orders, harassing Logan by phone, insulting Justin, running Randy in circles on abandoned mountain back roads, screwing up paper work on a regular basis just to see if Jeremy notices – all these type of things just seem to encourage them to be even more helpful and professional … it’s all very annoying.
The truth may just turn out to be that Baxter Cycle is one of those rare finds that we all come across a very few times in our lives that is the REAL DEAL. I’m not saying it is, but I have to at least accept the fact that it may be a possibility.
Thanks everyone at Baxter Cycle for always delivering a quality product, careful attention to detail and supporting a very bad habit and love affair with two wheel wonders, but remember … I’m still watching you and waiting for you to screw up.

Carl Sanford

I’ve been a Baxter Cycle customer since 1990 when I got my first Triumph, a ’67 Tiger Cub. Those were dark days as I learned about positive grounds and energy transfer ignition, as well as soft, malleable Amal Monoblocs. However, Randy and crew have never steered me wrong and have always had what I needed. I’m currently building a Norton Atlas cafe racer and wouldn’t think of calling anyone else.


I cant say enough about Randy’s gang. They were more than helpful before and after the sale. I had a great experience and cant wait for my next purchase. It will be at Baxter Cycle!


I’ve purchased two Triumphs from Randy Baxter since 2005. The entire staff always makes me feel like I’m number one. Sales, service, and parts are all staffed with top-notch people. There’s a closer Triumph dealer to Sioux City, but Baxter’s is the only choice for me.


I bought a 2006 Triumph Bonneville T100 sight unseen. Description was right on the mark – beautiful without a single scratch. It was shipped out here to the Boston, MA area and dropped off by the shipper. I took it for a spin and the front brakes were pumping and shaking. I contacted Baxter Cycle and they gave me a couple of ideas of what it might be. I took it to a Triumph dealer here who said the front brake rotors were out of line, probably happened during shipping and it would cost about $400 to fix. I contacted Baxter Cycle again and told them what the dealer said and they offered to send the parts out to the dealer here directly to fix the problem. Great service! Never gave me a hard time or even asked if it could have been something that happened on my end. They have won a new customer for life!! Thanks.


I live in Chicago and ride a 1972 BSA B50, not exactly a common bike, but the folks at Baxter always fill my parts orders promptly, and often the parts arrive the next day! For those of us who remember the “bad old days” of parts being back-ordered to England and arriving long after the bike had been sold, Baxter’s 24-hour service is nothing short of a miracle. Randy and Jeremy always are happy to help with any sticky problem, and their stock keeps expanding to include parts that once were obscure or impossible to obtain. If they don’t have OEM parts, the reproductions are good quality and work as well as, or better than, the originals. Baxter is my go-to source for all things Britbike!

Jim Schaible

Last order came in with all parts and tools in stock, arrived in great shape. Fast turn around. Highly pleased as always!


Well I fell in love with Triumphs and Bsa’s as a Kid and the staff at Baxters is another reason i will never own anything else. They are always more than willing to answer questions and go the extra mile to make you experience great thanks guys. ps the 2007 bonnie America is a wonderful bike!


Great people to deal with! Had all the parts in stock and at very good prices. Part arrived within 3 days, I would recommend them to anyone and I will use them from now on.


I was in the middle of an 11 state ride. I was lucky enough to have a flat in the Walnut are of Iowa. Lucky for me Baxters was within 7 miles. They came and got me, fixed it and kept me alive. Great Job.

I was very impressed with their store, shop and Triumph Museum.

Gary Somerville

What else can you say? It’s Baxter’s! Always top notch to deal with!!! My old ’68 Bonneville lives on because of Baxter’s and a dedicated mechanic!


Great service, I would by another bike from Baxter’s tomorrow if I could.


Gotta say… Baxter Motorcycles Rock…!!!!!

Gotta say… been throwing them fast balls n curve balls and “wobblies”, as the Britts would say… and every time I get my parts.

I am rebuilding a 58 SuperRocket… This is a couple year project…

And we needed a ship-load of parts… A 57 yr old bike… I need parts… I contact Baxter Motorcycles in Marne Iowa…

I get my parts! As a NativeIowan, this makes me feel real good.

Randy is a legend.

Chris is a champion…

Baxter Motorcycles ROCK!!!!

Mike Hemmer

Bought a 70 TR6C from Baxter a few years ago, sight unseen except on the Internet. Great experience. Wish they were closer to me.


Love my 01 legend. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Will continue to use Baxter Cycle for all my cycle needs.


Thanks to Jeremy for his quick response to my request for the key blank for my Bonneville. After a 200 mile wild goose chase I realised I should have called him sooner.
I’m 71 and wondering why I waited 30 years to get back on a Triumph. These Bonnie’s are a fantastic ride!Now if I can only live another 30 years to make up for the fun riding I’ve missed.

Lee Stabler

I have received a couple of orders from Baxter, but one was missing a part, albeit, a small one. I called Baxter, and was put through to parts, and was forwarded to Chris. I explained the problem, Chris was very professional, and said he’d take care of the missing part. Received part today, and am very pleased with the way it was handled. I look forward to doing business with Baxter in the very near future. BTW Chris, the peanut M&M’s were not necessary, but much appreciated by my wife… nice touch!


You guys are great a true class act. And a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again Chris and Randy.


Thanks you guys are great one of the best dealers I have ever done business with.

Greg Ballard

Best Triumph dealership in the USA. Always helpful on parts requests for vintage or new motorcycles. When the need for a Triumph part arrives or just information on what will or will not work for a specific mechanical issue, call on Baxter Cycle first for the right solution. Nothing but top notch service in my many years of dealing with Randy and his group.


Randy and all his employees are the friendliest most helpful people you can find anywhere. Gus is the only mechanic I’ve met who can usually troubleshoot and fix your bike over the phone. Love taking the 220 mile trip to see these guys cuz they treat you like family whenever your there. Hats off to the folks at Baxter’s.


Randy and his service team are absolutely superb – they were able to track down and fix a problem that had eluded the shop to which I’d taken my Rocket Touring for repair. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the tremendous service they provided to get my bike back on the road, and in the time-frame they’d promised. Great experience and I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable shop that’s committed to fixing their bike right the first time!


Just a short note to thank everybody at Baxter Cycle for making the purchase of my Thruxton Ace such a pleasure. Jeremy was very helpful and made sure that all went smoothly. John delivered the bike to me in Wisconsin in a safe and timely manner. I look forward to my next bike purchase from you guys!

Pat Smith

Thank you for all the years of reliable, friendly service that you provide. I am lucky to live only 60 miles away. Riding there I feel like a kid going to a candy shop.

For anyone who remembers the pure fun and enjoyment of riding a motorcycle as a kid, I would strongly suggest you visit the fine folks at Baxter Cycle in Marne.
My brother and I are “60-something” lifelong motorcycle riders.
We have purchased 20 motorcycles between the two of us since age 14.
Yes, we primarily bought, rode and enjoyed Harley’s over the years.
As of last fall, my brother hadn’t owned a bike for several years and I went my first full summer after over 40 years without one.
In October, we decided maybe it’s time to look at bikes again. My goal was something different than HD. I found a Triumph online at Baxter’s so we made the 2+ hour drive to Marne. From the people answering the phones, to the sales, parts and service people, everyone was friendly and genuinely happy to see us – as if we were long-time customers!
After a test ride, along with some excellent insight from Fuzzy Biker, I purchased the Triumph. The transaction with Jeremy was straight forward and to the point. The plan was for me to come back that weekend and pick up my new ride.
This is the best part of the day, after driving the Triumph I also test drove the Royal Enfield 350 Meteor. Upon my return, my brother could see my ear-to-ear grin – this 350 took me back to my youth. At this time, my brother had not renewed his motorcycle driver’s license so he didn’t drive the 350. It was obvious, my test drive of the 350 peaked my brother’s interest, so much so, he worked a deal with Jeremy on the phone for the 350 – without even a test drive. We left Marne with 2 motorcycles!
Fast forward to March, my brother is excited to see online the Royal Enfield 650 Super Meteor that was a “Baxter Custom”. Again, he worked a fair deal with Jeremy on the phone so went back to Marne.
When we arrived, the Royal Enfield rep was at Baxter’s, with many driving the new Shotgun, including Fuzzy Biker. During the excitement of people test driving the Shotgun, the enthusiasm caught up with me; I test drove the Super Meteor, Celestial model. We drove away with my brother’s new bike. During the trip home, it was now me thinking about my options. I reached out to Mark and Jeremy the next day; within 24 hours we worked a trade for my new ride.
The people at Baxter’s LOVE motorcycles, they are knowledgeable, engaging and willing to answer any question you have – with absolutely no pressure to buy.
This approach is rare in today’s retail world. Need a bike or not, take some time to visit Baxter Cycle in wonderful Marne, Iowa…WAHOO!
Terry Christensen

Where else can you buy a new bike, buy an old bike, trade a new bike for an old bike, trade an old bike on a new bike! And do it all with a guy who treats you great, is honest and knows his stuff. I just bought bike # 5 from ‘Baxter’s’ and couldn’t be happier. A word of warning though-if you visit Baxter’s’ in person- Randy is quite the practical joker-so be prepared for that! Thanks again!


I’ve purchased THREE new Hinkleys from Randy here in Ia. He’s willing to give fair trade-in prices for WHATEVER you might have, something our local dealers can’t seem to master. Whenever an expensive part did break, they were there with a good-as-new used one at ONE THIRD the price of new! My only REGRET is that he’s 1800 miles away!


I have been a customer since 1997. Randy is the silent-type guy who you can always squeeze an extra t-shirt out of after you’ve bought your bike!! A walk through his used bike room is worth the trip. Whether it’s a test ride or buying parts the rest of the people at Baxter Cycle are great too!


I just brought a 2004 Triumph and I was really happy with your friendly staff. You guys answered all my questions. I would come back again.

Wesley McAllister

I’ve purchase a new bike from Randy and his staff. It’s been the most enjoyable experience from parts,sales and the service departments. Thanks to the entire staff at Baxter for exceeding my expectations.


I visit you every year and buy parts as often as possible. The knolege,availability, and suctomer service is second to none. Thanks For Every Thing!

Chris Baucom



Randy & Crew They were all very nice & professional to work with. I brought in my Hurricane to have it restored. The job they did on it is superb. Refinished parts, new parts, all look great. Gus has it running better than ever. Everyone, bikers or not have to look at it twice. They did an awesome job!! Thanks Again!


The restoration of my 1954 Triumph Terrier could not have been completed without the help of Baxter Cycles, especially Bobbie the lady who was very patient and very helpful in finding the parts that I needed and got them to me promptly. When I get started on my next project Baxter Cycles will be my source for parts.


I waited almost 2 years to finally buy a new bike and couldn’t have chosen a better guy to buy from. Made everything easy and quick. Nice not to have to spend a lot of time messing around with stuff when I just wanted to get out and ride my new toy.


My Dad and I rode Triumphs 35-40 years ago, but sold them when I went to college. Thanks to you all in the past few years, I have been able to restore some of the same models of the classic bikes we had. Pam and Randy, your ability to find parts amazes me, and quite frankly, is better than 40 years ago (I remember having bikes in dry dock for weeks waiting for parts from the dealer!) Nathan, your engine work is like it came off the assembly line. The technical advice from you all has been invaluable. Again, thanks for your partnership in these restorations!


Look, I don’t write a lot of testimonials – but this simply MUST be said. Jeremy Pendergast provided the most exceptional service from start to finish. I found Baxter Cycle on the internet and gave them a cold call and just happened to get Jeremy on the line, I told him I was looking for a 2013 Thruxton. My experience in talking to the two Minnesota area Triumph dealers had been very negative – by contrast, Jeremy was immediately helpful, and extremely cordial and professional. In fact, he instilled so much confidence on that call that I put a $500 deposit down on and asked him to order me a 2013 Thruxton. Over the next several months, he helped me as I chose to upgrade the exhaust, tires and suspension. He took care of getting the wheels powder coated black, mirrors upgraded and provided extremely fair, extremely competitive pricing with each and every additional transaction. I really can’t overstate how positive the experience was. My only regret moving forward is that Baxter Cycle is in Iowa, and I won’t be able to get my new Thruxton serviced by these fine folks. Truthfully!

Sean T.

What can I say about Randy Baxter and his people. The fact that in 56 years of motorcycling I’ve found none better and I’m 1500 miles from what I consider my only motorcycle shop.In 56 years of cross country riding-AMA racing-VDTRA racing-Ahrma Racing-I’ve met lots of people in the Motorcycle business-Never found a nicer shop or dealer than Randy and his crew in Marne Iowa.Triumph is lucky to have them representing their motorcycles.

Ken Allaman

I met Randy restoring a 1970 BSA Thunderbolt. Had everything I needed and more than willing to give advise. Bought my 2001 Thunderbird from Randy. Have a 2010 Thunderbird on order. Still waiting. Probably shouldn’t have ordered the ABS. I’d be riding by now.

Bennie Allen

Many companies that I have done business with have failed to provide the personal service, prompt responses, and highest levels of customer satisfaction that they promise–both before and after the sale. It was so refreshing to meet Jeremy and the staff at Baxter Cycle, and find that they do truly care about their customers! They went “above and beyond the call of duty” to make sure my sales experience was beyond my expectations for training on my purchased bike, operation and safety. I can’t recommend them enough to all who want quality bikes and service! It is obvious to me why they have such a great reputation and customer following–they truly earned it!


Thanks Jeremy. I got a great deal on the bike you came to the airport picked me up drove me to the on ramp and pointed me in the right direction to get home, You made sure I had drinks for the road and sent me on my way. I don’t think there is a dealer here that took the time to give me the service that you did. Thanks Again I did not make it Friday night but did get home Saturday night by 8:00 The Bike ran great and I Love it.

Donald W La Fay

I have bought a lot of bikes from different dealership but have never had the personal service that I received from Baxters and from Jeremy. Thanks for everything!


I bought several motorcycles from Randy. Both Norton’s and Triumphs – always great service and ready to help with any problems you got!


After purchasing a new 2009 Tiger from another Triumph dealership, the bike developed an annoying, slow oil leak after only 500 miles. After six frustrating visits to “other” dealership and waiting an entire winter, I decided to give Baxter’s a try. They not only fixed the oil leak PERMANENTLY and QUICKLY, they delivered my bike to Council Bluffs, washed, waxed and adjusted without charge. Just finished a 1300 mile road trip…no oil leak and bike performed flawlessly. Superior service and expertise. Thanks fellas…you have my business!


My 2005 America was not running up to par, The folks at Motorvation sidecars, sent me to you. A tall fellow, with lots of hair, came out and drained my carbs , found some water in the bowls, and I was on my way back to Wyoming. You folks were so helpful and hospitable. I have since done all my parts ordering from you. My next cross country trip I will stop again, hopefully to ride off on a new Thunderbird.


Baxter Cycle was my introduction to owning an old British bike. Before this terrific new website was up, I bought an old Bonneville sight unseen and had no disappointments. Randy Baxter is a very helpful and easy to talk to guy. After a few years of enjoying my old Bonney , I traded it back to Baxter’s for a new Bonneville America and I love it! Randy made the whole deal very easy for me and delivered the bike to my door in Phoenix. I highly recommend Baxter’s to anyone looking for a good classic or a new classic bike.


Randy, Love the new web site. I just wanted to share with everyone out there that I have done business with you for more than 15 years and had great experiences every time. Have a great summer!


I have called twice for parts (coil & brain box) for our Scrambler; one which was sent to “try” before purchasing (unheard of!). I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent service. As my wife said, it’s like that commercial where you hang up the phone and the doorbell rings. I ordered parts on Saturday and they arrived Monday. It’s refreshing to work with a business that has such great customer service. Thank you!

Bruce (& Letha) Voight

I have bought parts from Baxter’s over the last 10 to 12 years , there knowledge and customer service is by far the best in the motorcycle industry. I stopped there once in the late 90’s, The place was a British bike owners ultimate toy store,Keep it up Randy & crew.


Recently I dropped my big ‘ole Rocket and broke the casting at the hinge of my floorboard. After a “gerry rig” temporary repacement I started looking for an OEM replacement. My LOCAL Houston dealer quoted me a rediculously high price for a new one…..PLUS….I had to wait more time for it to be ordered from !!!!!England!!!! so I went searching for a used one…Two months later….and after a LOT of frustration….I was refered to Baxter Cycles by one of the used part suppliers I spoke with….WOW!?!….Not only were they a pleasure to talk with…they had my part in stock….AND….at a price significantly cheaper(including shipping to me) than my LOCAL dealer. I got it so fast I was shocked!!……Thanks guys….You have ALL of my business for parts from now on!!! You Guys Rock!!

Rick Haigwood

While riding my Norton back from the 2007 rally in Utah, I noticed that I had developed a MAJOR oil leak into my primary. I stopped into Baxter’s, they sold me the parts (new creak seal) at a very reasonable price and let me use their equipment to do the repair. Super nice guys! A++ for customer service!!


Randy just dropped off my 1974 Norton Commando Roadster that had been sitting in my garage since 1982. For it’s 40th birthday I decided that it should be “made new”. Stopped by the shop this summer to investigate restoration possibilities. Didn’t have a trailer, but no problem. Randy said they would pick it up on one of their trips to Kansas City. I was expecting to have to do a lot of cosmetic work because of all the surface rust & oxidation. When I stopped by the shop in October to visit my bike, it looked great. When it showed up yesterday, it looked as good as it did in 1974. Baxter has a really neat shop, with lots of interesting bikes for sale. It’s worth the short detour off of I-80 or US-71 to see all the clean old bikes he has for sale. A walk through the work area is almost like a walk through a hospital operating room. Very clean and organized. What a great bunch of people to do business with!


It has been a while since I have needed anything for my America, it is that reliable. Hope to swing back through and visit y’all again. South Texas has a pretty tight hold on me. Thanks for you service. Sinton, Texas.

Jim Cotterell

Both parts I wanted for my ’98 T595 were in stock. GORGEOUS back room full of vintage British Iron! Visit the shop if you can.


Baxter has been a blessing in finding,ordering and shipping of parts needed while restoring my most beloved Tiger. I’ve tried to deal with other British parts dealers across the country and no doubts about it, Baxter Cycle is best by far. I do appreciate you all.


I bypassed a host of dealers closer to me to travel 900 miles round-trip to buy a new Triumph from Baxter Cycle. Jeremy went out of his way to get me the best price on the Blue Tiger Explorer I wanted, and gave me the incentives to make the trip worth it. When we arrived in Marne to complete the deal, Randy & Jeremy treated my wife & I like royalty! This was the best experience I have ever had buying any motor vehicle!


Had a great time at the ralley (2011). I love my new 2010 Thunderbird SE!




First came to this shop to look at a Moto Guzzi several years ago and was immediately impressed by the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. Have over the years purchased a couple bikes, and a few accessories and always leave happy. Baxter’s is not local for us (about 150 miles) so we don’t really come here all that often but we and usually some friends try to make a road trip here a couple times a year. I don’t really know how else to say it, it’s just a fun place to stop. And if you have a few years under your belt as I do, the back room will make you smile pretty hard.


Great customer service via email and over the phone. Fast shipping and detail to service. Will use again when and as needed.


Bought a BSA B50mx at a classic motorycle auction in Dallas in 1995. Motorcycle was in great shape, any and all replacement parts for it which I bought from Baxters were of good quality, well priced, and shipped quickly with out problems. Also ordered Norton Commando 750 parts and several B50 Barnett clutches. A great supplier of classic parts and bikes located with in the united states. Baxters has never let me down when it’s come to placing an order for the correct part, they get the order right the first time and there’s no delay in getting the bike back on the road while waiting for parts to arrive. A+ Service, Thank-you!


Bought my 2006 Bonneville from a photo on line. Everyone I spoke with was a great help. When I got the bike it was exactly as described. A pleasure to do business with start to finish.

Bill Coe

True story that’s really not heard of in this day and age. Have done some minor business with Randy over the last few years on parts and pieces for my numerous vintage bikes but never had stepped up to purchase a bike from them. Just missed a nice 58 Super Rocket last year, I’m a big fan of A-10’s but it was spoken for before I could get with Jeremy. He promised to keep his eyes peeled and about 4 months ago, e-mailed with a really nice bike. Long story short, I made the purchase and the bike was delivered to me. Beautiful bike but in the course of the next month or so, just didn’t turn out to be the bike for me. In talking to Jeremy, he immediately offered to take the bike back and let me continue to watch for something that suited me better which shocked me! His message to me is we want you to be happy with your bike and will help to make it that way. Just took delivery this week end of a really sweet 57 T-110 Triumph that I have to say is better than I had envisioned from the pictures and description. Jeremy delivered the bike personally on his way to Milwaukee and wanted to make sure that I was pleased with the transaction. Unbelievable service in this day of fast paced sales etc., These guys are the real deal when it comes to satisfaction after the sale. Can’t thank them enough for caring about me personally when I know how many bikes they must sell overall. Thanks again Jeremy and Randy for making my last Britt bike purchase a great experience. The words out from my side, you guys are the best!!

Tim McKinney

I visited the shop quite awhile back looking for parts for my ’64 Bonnie and was really impressed with the inventory. It was a great experience.


The service department did an outstanding job with my Street Triple’s 6,000-mile service. The bike rides and runs better than new. I especially appreciate how they were able to work me into the schedule to complete the work while I waited.


This is my second triumph that I’ve bought at Baxter’s in the last four years.To Randy and his entire staff “THANK YOU” for going the extra mile and making it most enjoyable experience!


I have purchased several bikes from Baxter’s and found them to be a class act. Several other family members have purchased bikes there after my experience. I can’t say enough about the quality of the people there from the parts counter to the service department. My friends and I go out of our way to do deal with Baxter’s even though there may be other Triumph Dealers closer to us.


Randy-I want to thank you all the things you have done for me. My motorcycle ruins like a new bike. I want to thank Pam,Art,Gus,Rick,Tim,Nat for there help. I will see you all in August!

John McAllister

I read a lot of the testimonials on this site with the hope of coming up with something original & clever to say about Randy, Jeremy and their team, but I just got bored to death with the constant praise & adoration these guys kept getting from their misguided customers. As I read on I could only determine that these characters at Baxter’s are up to something sinister & disturbing. It just can’t be friendly, knowledgeable, patient, helpful & trustworthy customer service. I bought a Vintage T120R from Jeremy over the phone/net sight unseen and sent him a whole bunch of money just to see what would happen. What happened you ask? Nothing happened, that’s right nothing. All that occurred was Randy drove half way across the Country delivering me the Triumph as promised, in the condition Jeremy depicted for the price quoted … and you call this service? I call it a set up and I’ll catch them as soon as I can save up enough money to buy another bike from them. If they think providing a superior product at a fair price with a smile is a smart way to conduct business, well they obviously have not been paying attention to how the rest of this Country has decided to do business. I encourage all who read this writing to continue to do business with these guys so we can eventually catch them in this “Friendly Customer Service” scam they have been running for their own purposes of keeping their doors open and to line their pockets with our hard earned money. I pledge to all the poor cycle enthusiasts that have purchased bikes, parts & accessories and who wrote their misguided testimonials and who also have obviously been deceived by whatever scam Randy Baxter is running that I will get to the bottom of whatever game they are playing – no matter how many bikes I have to buy from them. Baxter’s – I’m watching you..


I would like to thank you for the great service provided on Saturday Aug 20th, also the day of your open house. My son Dayne and I were on our way home to Michigan after a week touring Colorado. Dayne’s 2010 Daytona 675 had been knocked over in a motel parking lot in Lincoln, NE and then stood back up without our knowledge on Friday night.The clutch release seal/housing were damaged and leaking oil which we discovered while refueling on I 80. Our good fortune was that we were only 20 miles from Marne. We called your shop and were told you were very busy, but come in and you would check it out.Your technicians found the problem, and after getting the ok from Randy, removed parts from a new Daytona, made repairs and had us on the road in less than 3 hours. You provided great service at a very reasonable price and turned a bad situation into a very memorable and positive experience. Thanks so much for the great service!

The silver lining to having a bike issue when you have a Triumph is the trip to Marne. Baxter has cared for my bikes since 2005 and they really do a great job. Their supply of parts for the older models is amazing. Baxter tuned my ’97 Trophy 1200 and it runs beautiful. While in for the tune up a windstorm blew a number of bikes over and my bike was on the bottom of the pile and suffered some body damage. Baxter promptly called me and informed me of the accident and made it very clear they would make things right. The bike looked new when I picked it up a few weeks later. Most recently I stopped in to pick up a set of brake pads and asked for 3 additional parts while I was there. Jeremy took the time to look up each part and to my amazement each part was in stock for the Trophy that is nearly 15 years old! On each of my visits, the folks at Baxter make me feel welcome and glad I came. Prompt and friendly customer service never gets old. Neither does touring the back room! Thanks again!


Bought a new T bird Storm from Baxter’s in April. Love the bike and can’t say enough about the people there. I wanted a Storm set up like a SE and Baxter’s came through for me. Even robbing a T bird SE for floorboards so that I wouldn’t have to wait for my parts to come in. Just one of the reasons we keep going back to see Randy and his people.


I got my tool box and book today was very pleased with them. Chris was very helpful . Thank you very much.

John Martin

To spend one’s money anywhere else when you need Triumph parts is a waste of time, money, and effort. Baxter Cycle is now a permanent bookmark, and the first place I’ll go from now on! Thanks, Randy …. you’ve got me in the loop for good!


I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing over 50 motorcycles up to this point in my life for personal enjoyment from dealers and individuals. My experience dealing with Randy Baxter was the best. He is very professional to work with, very knowledgeable of his product and provides “first class” service. His personal follow-up after the purchase was also appreciated.