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Performance Camshaft – Himalayan/Scram 411


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Made in the UK with a single piece of machined billet steel.

In stock

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Made in the UK from scratch with a single piece of machined billet steel before being heat treated for hardness.

Elsewhere you will find that competitors have just ground the base circle on the stock Himalayan / Scram 411 camshaft.  However, we found that this restricted the way the timing and lift could be changed.  Lift on a re-ground stock cam is also restricted by the tappet adjustment range to about 0.5 Millimetre in lift.  Modifying a stock cam also means the exhaust valve lifter arm needs to be ground very thin.

So, you can see why we started with a fresh blank steel billet and developed this drop-in Camshaft. This also means the problematic exhaust valve lifter mechanism is no longer needed due to the Camshaft timing and valve overlap.

Tested extensively on all Euro 4 and 5 models during summer and winter temperatures.

Easily fitted by amateur mechanics and even without any other changes to the ECU this will give around 20% extra power.

Please see the Dyno sheets on our 2019 stock Euro 4 Himalayan with standard ECU.


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