2022 Classic Triumph Calendar


A twelve month supply of Bonnies, Trophys, and T-birds



The 2022 Calendar kicks off with a combination of old and new – two Rocket 3
bikes, one built in 1972, the other in 2021. Farther along a three-some is found –
three Triumphs from 1948. For baby-boomers there are two classic Bonnevilles –
a pure white 1963 and a blue with silver 1965 – and a 1964 T Bird complete with
the period-correct bikini sheet metal. A 1939 Speed Twin and 1937 T80
represent the pre-war period. And wrapping up the year is a Trophy Trail, an
original Cub, and a “restored” 2021 T120 finished to look like a much earlier
machine. From an early single to a sparking new triple, we bring you 12 months
of mechanical wonders from Triumph.

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